Vektus og Microsoft Reskill Program for Business Central talent

Microsoft Reskill Program for Business Central talent er et samarbejde vi har med Microsoft, som har til formål at tiltrække nye profiler til branchen. Samarbejdet har resulteret i, at vi p.t har 4 dygtige medarbejdere med i programmet.

Reskill er et Microsoft Learn Career connected program som adresserer “the talent gap” i Business Central Partner økosystemet.

Se videoen, hvor Thor og Oliver fortæller fra Vektus om deres deltagelse i Microsoft Reskill Talent Program.

Læs uddraget fra den officielle partner reference case fra Microsoft Dynamics 365:

By joining the Reskill Program, which is an initiative responding to the talent gap in the partner ecosystem, Vektus was able to build advanced Business Central capabilities in-house, supporting the company’s aggressive growth targets.

What’s more, by participating in this program, Vektus has been able to onboard candidates outside of the IT Industry—individuals they would not have been able to target through traditional recruitment channels. This brings fresh perspectives into the organization.

“The candidates recruited through the program have all been showing a growth mindset,” commented Henrik Nielsen, Consulting Manager at Vektus.

After onboarding, the new hires received extensive product and professional skills training and were individually coached. ”The alternation between the e-Learning modules and the hands-on, practical tasks, as well as the organization of the study materials and engagement forums, has also been excellent.”